SAMIZDAT: a five part book series on the events surrounding alexey navalny’s arrest 2021
this project is a response to the recent protests around Russia in response to Alexey Navanly’s poisoning and arrest with using reference to the soviet self publishing movement during the 1950s-80s, samizdat.

this series of books explores dierent facets of the protests including: who is Navalny and why the injustice enacted against him has provoked nationwide protests, two articles that provided live updates of the protests, accounts of police brutality and apartment raids, protest language. actions for femme political prisoners, and an essay on the history of samizdat, self publishing, digital censorship and the role of print in dissident media.

all of the books have relied on risograph printing as its primary production technology. i have combined traditional printmaking, risograph printing, and a range of book bindings and book structures to showcase various styles of self publishing.

russian/english risograph printed biography of Alexey Navalny; screenprinted cover; saddle stitch.
edition of 20


russian/english risograph printed collection of news articles covering the Navalny protests and first hand accounts of events from protestors interviewed by Mediazona and from @koifman.m describing his experience with being detained and having his apartment searched accompanied with 15 linocut block prints. coptic bound.
edition of 20


russian/english risograph printed Mediazona article covering the origin “Akvadiskoteka” protest slogan and the “aquatic disco” in the plans for Putin’s mansion, including his chosen playlist. fishbone accordion fold.
edition of 20


russian/english risograph printed Mediazona articles covering peaceful Valentine’s day protests with flashlights, the arrest of a Pussy Riot member, and an Instagram post from @polina.jpeg describing a circle of solidarity with women political prisoners that took place in St. Petersburg where the participants read verses from the Anna Akhmatova poem, Requiem. z-fold.
edition of 20

russian/english risograph printed personal essay on the history of samizdat, the censorship that gave birth to samizdat and how this compares to digital censorship, particularly in Russia and the United States, and the role of print tactility in a digitally dependant age.
edition: 20

Zaika, 2020
Accordion fold book combining various linocuts of various scenes in New Orleans featuring hand-cut type from chipboard.

Dasha and Morozka, 2018
Russian/English children’s book geared toward children growing up bilingual or in a mixed culture family.
Riso-printing + Japanese stab stitch binding under hardcover.

300 Years of French and Creole History
Nous Foundation Gala 2023
I had the very fortunate opportunity to create custom illustrations and co-design for New Orleans local nonprofit Nous Foundation’s debut of their exhibit on 300 Years of French and Creole History. This exhibit features 12 panels spanning this history and is on permanent display at the Historic BK House in New Orleans, Louisiana. The photographs featured above were taken by Wayan Barre at the 2023 Nous Foundation Gala.

Historic Preservation Business Cards Series, 2023
I had the honor to create custom illustrations for states in which this person specializes starting with Texas, then Louisiana, and finally Florida. We took inspiration from tarot cards but manipulated the imagery to better match the state and present them in the least esoteric way possible to better suit the client’s target audience. These illustrations were then used to create letterpress business cards, printed in house.