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  • Katya Vaz (b. Moscow, Russia) has grown up in New Orleans, Louisiana where dual-culturalism influences her fine art, illustration, book and graphic design. 
Katya Vaz received her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design with a minor in French from Loyola University New Orleans in 2021. Growing up with a duality of culture and language is reflected in her work, often with the direct use of splitting the image into two. She works mainly in various printmaking techniques, including etching and linocut, paired with bookbinding methods.

The majority of Vaz’s work utilizes printmaking techniques for the use of multiples. These multiples speak further to the creation of communal knowledge, which strengthens community ties through the formation of a common experience. Through this proliferation, the shared experience forms among those who see the work in various settings, whether in a gallery, in a book – with a group, or on an individual basis. This is the similar effect of being exposed to cultural traditions, which create a similar group experience due to language, associations, media, food preparation, etc., across the world, whether nationwide or in more isolated homes of immigrant families that continue their traditions in their household in a foreign country. This individual yet group experience drives Vaz’s work and explorations.

  • Prominent Work and Exhibits
Her thesis work relates the 2021 Navalny protests in Russia through the lens of Samizdat, or self-publishing. In a 5 part series of books, made in editions of 20 each, Vaz works with translation, the relaying of events and protest language, the book design and binding of a series of bilingual books, screen printing, risograph printing, and linoleum block printing in an attempt to relay the corruption of the current Russian government as well as the opinion of Russian citizens to an English-speaking audience, while advocating for the effectiveness of print media as dissident media in light of prevalent digital censorship. This body of work was exhibited in Diboll Gallery in 2021.

Katya has also exhibited work at The Historic BK House (2023), The Front Gallery (2021), Café Istanbul (2019), 5Press Gallery (2017), and the Contemporary Art Center (2017).